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Aluminum profiles for solar panel

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Алюмінієвий блок безпрофільної системи L..
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Aluminum profiles for solar panel

Aluminum profiles for solar panel mounting are specialized structures used to securely install panels on various surfaces. These profiles ensure strong and safe support, optimizing panel positioning for maximum efficiency of the solar station.

Solar panels are not just a technological breakthrough in electricity production, but also a complex system where every detail is crucial. One of these critical components is the profiles, which play a key role in ensuring the reliability and longevity of solar installations. This article explores various aspects of solar panel profiles, from types and materials to the features of aluminum profiles from Spline Systems.

Types of Profiles for Solar Panels

Profiles for solar panels come in various configurations to meet diverse needs. The main types include roofing and ground-based profiles, each with advantages depending on the specific requirements and installation circumstances.

Materials Used for Solar Panel Profiles

A key characteristic of profiles is the material from which they are made. Common materials include aluminum, stainless steel, or specialized polymeric materials. Each material has its benefits, such as corrosion resistance, lightness, and strength.

Advantages of Aluminum Profiles for Solar Panels
Among various materials, aluminum is distinguished by its lightness, strength, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum profiles for solar panels are noted for their high thermal resistance and ability to maintain stable panel positioning even in harsh weather conditions.

Features of Spline Systems’ Aluminum Profile for Solar Panels
In stock, the profile is  6.2 meters. It can be cut into smaller parts, such as 3.1 meters or other lengths. Profile types:

  • SPL-1, SPL-4 – allow for a spacing of up to 1.5 meters between attachment points depending on the weight of the solar panel.
  • SPL-3 is designed for ground-based constructions.
  • A range of profileless profiles allows for the installation of solar panels on metal tile, metal profile, and bituminous tile:
    • Aluminum profile SPL-5,
    • Aluminum profile H-12,
    • Aluminum profile Lite
  • Structural profiles:
    • SPL-DUAL,
    • Base profile for special nut,
    • Structural profile CAP 40*20,
    • Structural profile CAP 40*40,
    • Structural profile CAP 40*80,

These profiles allow for the construction of various non-standard mounting systems for solar panels.
Our profiles feature grooves for standard M8 DIN933 bolts and DIN 6923 flange nuts.

Why Spline Systems’ Profiles for Solar Panels Are Better
Our company continuously works on improving our products. Each year, our range of aluminum profiles is expanded with new products that diversify mounting systems and simplify the installation process.

Our production has ISO 9001 certification, and our products undergo annual quality and compliance certification.